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A diagram which is first order in $\alpha_\text{EM}$ would have to have one vertex, because $\alpha_\text{EM}\propto g^2$ where $g$ is the factor associated with each vertex (and the amplitude corresponding to the diagram gets squared). There's only one possible vertex in QED, namely the photon-electron-positron vertex, and it's impossible to arrange this in ...


Jezstarski is mostly correct, The para-positronium (p-PS) state ends up being the main mode of annihilation of positronium (PS). Positrons can annihilate in at least eight different ways but once ortho-positronium (o-PS) forms in a void/vacuum, it has additional time to undergo another mode of annihilation. P-PS annihilates in under 125 picoseconds. O-PS ...

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