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OK so it's not a question of normalization. My confusion arose because of naïvety. $$\tag{1} u^{(r)\dagger}u^{(s)} = 2E\delta_{rs}$$ $$\tag{2} {\bar{u}^{(s)}}u^{(s)} = 2m.$$ Since the normalization relations $(1)$ and $(2)$ applies to same momenta spinors i.e. $\bar{u}(p)[\cdots]u(p)$ and so on. If one is not as lazy as me, one can easily derive the ...


In general, bound states in lattice QCD are found by analyzing correlation functions of operators with the appropriate quantum numbers. This works both for baryons and mesons, even for pure-glue states like glueballs. See for example these introductory lecture notes: http://arxiv.org/abs/hep-lat/9807028. Chapter 17 should answer your questions in more ...

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