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Actually, a smilar approach was just recently proposed by S. Hawking and others. Using electromagnetic waves, as you correctly observed traveling through space with the speed of light, they plan on accalerating a light sail by shooting it with a laser based on earth. That kind of fits your discription of a "magnetic launcher". As the previous answer already ...


Speed of light has nothing to do with why maglev is fast. Maglev is faster because it levitates the train so there's no friction with the track. In space, there's no friction to begin with. So the "lev" in "maglev" makes no sense in space. You already levitate there. That being said, electromagnetic launch (in a sense of a railgun or something) is just ...


BHs can carry charge - so you squirt some electrons into it to charge it and then use an electrical charge on the parabolic reflector to couple it to the ship.

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