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BHs can carry charge - so you squirt some electrons into it to charge it and then use an electrical charge on the parabolic reflector to couple it to the ship.


Let me try. Let's take an elastic ball (instead of an animal...) of radius $R$ and stiffness $k$, freely falling in air. The ball breakes if compressed beyond a critical fraction of its radius. Let's wait it to reach its terminal speed $v_\infty \sim \sqrt{R}$. Hitting the ground, it will be compressed by an amount $x=v_\infty\sqrt{m/k} \sim R^2$. So the ...


This matter doesn’t depend on size of animal only but also many other things can be connected. For example: kind of animal. We cannot compare a cat with a cow because cat has some abilities that cow doesn’t have them because of its anatomy. If you model the animals as rigid bodies, then their shapes maybe important (aerodynamic, boundary layer theorem). If ...


One of the reason is the lack of "scale invariance", first noticed by Galileo in his "Two New Science". Galileo argued that animals cannot simply be scaled up, since their scaled bones would not support their scaled masses. For instance, an animal twice as wide, thick and tall, would be eight times heavier. Their bones would have to support eight times more ...


There are a couple of books that explain quantum mechanics fairly well with no technical prerequisites. "The Fabric of Reality" by David Deutsch explains a lot about quantum mechanics. See especially chapters 2,9 and 11. "The Beginning of Infinity" by David Deutsch, chapter 11 and 12.

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