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That's a lofty goal for someone with no knowledge of plasma physics. I suggest you contact a group that has already been working on this and offer their code for free use: Our most recent, popular and well kept up codes are on bounded plasma, plasma device codes XPDP1, XPDC1, XPDS1, and XPDP2. The P, C, and S mean planar, cylindrical, or spherical ...


Wet wood crackles. Dry wood does not. Water in the wood boils. The steam builds up pressure because it is trapped inside. The wood explodes, releasing the steam and flying pieces.


Take a look at: A Simple Method for Predicting RF Attenuation Through a Rocket Exhaust Plume and Radio Propagation through Rocket Exhaust Jets


A photon has a spin of 1, so if a photon is absorbed or emitted by a helium atom the spin of the atom must change by 1 to conserve orbital angular momentum. This is known as a selection rule. For example the ground state of helium is $1s^2$ and it can absorb a photon and be excited to the $1s^12p^1$ state, but it cannot be excited to $1s^12s^1$ because in ...


An informal definition: a metastable energy level of an atom is an energy level above the ground level (i.e. the lowest level) of the atom where the atom can exist without transitions to lower energy levels for a relatively long time. I have not heard about HeNe molecules. What happens is some He atoms at metastable energy levels collide with Ne atoms and ...

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