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I am not sure thermal expansion is much greater in polycrystals than in single crystals (http://nvlpubs.nist.gov/nistpubs/jres/14/Jresv14n5p523_A1b.pdf, Fig. 13). Wikipedia article that you quote says that single crystals have higher creep strength at high temperatures, so they can provide higher turbine efficiency.


Single crystal jet turbine blades are grown in a substantially different way than most crystals. The following article gives details of some of the R&D and large scale production process that is used. http://www.tms.org/superalloys/10.7449/1980/superalloys_1980_205_214.pdf


Okay so admittedly I know nothing about jet turbines, however I know a little something about crystals. The occupied lattice points of a single crystal are interacting with good overlap of atomic orbitals. If you have a d-block metal then you get the standard d-d and d-p interactions as predicted by tight binding and Hubbard models. Grain boundaries are ...


This problem contains a functional form that is very difficult to work with. A numeric integration is one approach that will give an approximate (but good) answer. To do this, the following procedure can be used: 1) Start at pressure P1, and establish a "small" value for dP 2) Use a trial-and-error method to calculate V 3) Multiply V by dP and keep ...


Question 1: Is the density of water still the same as it was at the beginning now that salt has begun dissolving? Ie. is the density of water constant? Or will the dissolved salt molecules "squeeze" the water molecules into a smaller volume thus increasing the density of water? And actually we should be talking about concentration of water now instead of ...


The question you are asking is actually a very complicated one, so I'll give a partial answer and some pointers to where you can find out more. It might be more productive to work in terms of "partial molar volumes" rather than densities. In any case, it is always easy to convert from partial molar volumes to partial densities. Generally the partial molar ...


I think there are a few misunderstandings that led your question to be rather obscure. I believe your first 2 questions amount to: "Is there a volume change between the fresh water+crystal salt system and the solution" ? Of course the mass is constant. I don't have the answer to this question, but put in this way you'll be able to look for it. Question 3 ...

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