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(I will write $\ell$ instead of $l$, because it confuses me less frequently.) Assuming that $\delta$ definition is a typo, and it is supposed to be $$ \delta=(\ell+1)[2(\ell-1)j_{\ell-1}(kR)-kRj_\ell(kR)] $$ Your matrix's determinant is nonzero... \begin{align} \alpha\delta-\beta\gamma &= \ell \left[R j_{\ell}(kR) k - 2 j_{\ell+1}(kR) \left(\ell + ...


Taking a step back, I'd suggest a look at Ashcroft and Mermin's "Solid State Physics" where they treat the harmonic crystal modes (chapter 22 in my edition). Nowhere do they suggest that LO-TO splitting occurs only in ionic solids. Instead, they make it clear that a Bravais lattice with a mono-atomic basis has acoustic modes only. Once a poly-atomic ...

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