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I guess you can use the Van der Waals equation and some estimates of the molecule volume and intermolecular attractive forces. The parameters of the critical point depend on these characteristics, so you need to assess them.


If your institution has access, the ASM Alloy Phase Diagram Database (at asminternational.org) is a great place to start. In addition, searching on the CALPHAD (on sciencedirect.com), Journal of Phase Equilibria (springer.com, no longer published), and Thermochimica Acta (also on sciencedirect.com) can yield more recent articles on given binary systems. For ...


You are right, these terms are related. Metastability usually comes about in systems which are described by a Landau free energy which contains a cubic or power 6 term on top of the usual $\phi^4$-theory. E.g. the Landau free energy with a cubic term is shown below. There are three special temperatures: $T^{**}$ at which an additional local minimum forms ...

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