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First, to be clear on what the graph is showing: as a function of the possible mass of the Higgs, it plots the fraction of Higgs bosons that will decay via each individual channel. Before we knew the mass of the Higgs boson, a plot like this one was useful for identifying the best channels to look at to detect the Higgs in various mass ranges. For example, ...


What comes out of those collisions can tell us a lot about what started out. The particles coming out weren't there to being with, they were produced by the violent collisions. What comes out, as well as its energy, tells us information about the scattering cross sections. These cross sections get calculated from models with free parameters, and we use the ...


Obviously, the smallest particle that scientists have ever seen directly is a photon. The question is a bit silly because it tries to eliminate simple device like a photographic plate, but the human eye, its nerves and the visual cortex together are far more complicated.


Taking your question literally, you can see a single barium ion: The TRI┬ÁP group has achieved capturing a single barium ion in a Paul trap. The images show Coulomb crystals formed by a decreasing number of laser-cooled ions as detected with an EMCCD camera. This forms an important step towards the planned experiments on single radium ions to measure ...

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