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Using $c=1$, take the familiar equation for energy $E^2 = m^2 + |\vec{p}|^2$ and substitute in the magnitude of momentum $|\vec{p}|$ in terms of transverse momentum $p_T$ and pseudorapidity $\eta$ $|\vec{p}| = p_T\cosh\eta$ then $E = \sqrt{m^2 + p_T^2\cosh^2\eta}$


I'm no expert, but Wikipedia has the answer you are looking for. Essentially, the charge is stored in a capacitor formed by a gate and the silicon. A voltage is put onto the gate, and an electric field will form in the silicon. Because of that electric field, charge carriers "generated" from the light hitting the silicon will drift into the field and stay ...


The question of if a photon even has a direction may be up for interpretation, I am not sure why you think that. If you look up at the Sun at midday, you'll sure know pretty quickly what direction the photons are coming from and you will probably turn your head to avoid looking in that direction. but I wanted to know if it's possible for a device ...

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