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1) There exists the classical electromagnetic wave as described by Maxwell's equations. 2) The photoelectric effect showed that these electromagnetic waves are composed of photons, with energy E=h*nu , where nu is the frequency of the classical wave. Single photon experiments have been performed by limiting the intensity of the beam to one photon at the ...


The interaction between two charged partices occurs through a change of momentum. All very well, but the next question is how we calculate the momentum exchange, and this is where quantum field theory comes in. The interaction between two electrons is described as a disturbance in the quantum fields involved. Quantum field theory gives us an expression for ...


Looks like the Laplace transform of a Gaussian function, which is well known, e.g. done here, and here. You will have to expand the square to make use of the identities, of course.


That's an excellent suggestion for an experiment since Claus J├Ânsson has performed his experiment with electrons at a double slit. Since the electrons must be in a vacuum, it is questionable whether the diffraction pattern shows in a cloud chamber. However, if it succeeds it may be, that in a single-photon experiment one can see the gap through which ...

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