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1mol of protons is $6\times10^{23}$ particles. If proton decay has a half life of $6\times10^{33}$ years, then there should be one proton decaying per year per $10^{10}$mol. Since one mol of protons weighs one gram, that's a mere $10^7$kg of protons. Even at the density of liquid hydrogen (70kg/m$^3$), that's only $1.4\times10^6$m$^5$ of liquid volume. Take ...


As John Rennie points out in his comment, energy is NOT conserved in an expanding universe. This finding is much more modern than your beginning predicate that "matter cannot be created nor destroyed", which really began to be abandoned wholesale about the time of Einstein's famous 1905 special relativity paper "Zur Elektrodynamik bewegter K├Ârper" (on the ...

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