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It is easy to make solitons in water. See this video and the video coming after it with the bubbles. They are the nonlinear solutions of the differential equations governing flow.Also I recomend the one with bubbles . Ball lightning is proposed to be a soliton solution.


The QCD Lagrangian that has a CP violating symmetry is $$ {\cal L}~=~-\frac{g^2}{4}F_{ab}F^{ab}~-~\frac{g^2\theta}{4} {F_{ab}}^* F^{ab}~+~\bar\psi(i\gamma^a D_a~-~me^{i\gamma_5\theta})\psi $$ where the angle $\theta$ is the chiral phase and a field that mixes fields. It is even proposed to look for this angle or field in its mixing of electromagnetic $\vec E$...

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