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The picture shows steady mass with low surface irregularities ($\approx$ 1.5 nm). The microscope resolution is about 500 nm and its slit size about 1-10 nm so deduced from that. The sample is amorphous so no magnotocrystalline anisotropy.


Think about what the parameters are that determine the period of the pendulum $T = 2 \pi \sqrt{ \frac{l}{g}}$. And is there a change in any of these variables.


It is a valid question to ask whether the computer simulation of a dynamical system is representative of the dynamical behavior of the real system or merely the artifact of roundoff errors caused due to the necessarily finite precision of a real computer. There is a crucial result regarding this situation called the shadowing theorem [1]. It states that ...


If you really do not want to simulate (despite your tag), you need to program the elliptic function and the Jacobian amplitude. This is done in the Numerical Recipes. You probably need to adapt something to C#. If, on the other hand, This is about simulation, I suggest you go for the solutions provided in the comments to your question, i.e. some Runge-Kutta ...

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