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It can't be solo neutrons, because they are unstable and decay into protons. So far as we know, there's not a stable configuration of mostly-neutrons that occurs in nature intermediate between heavy nuclei (uranium is roughly 3-to-2 parts neutrons) and neutron stars of 1-3 solar masses (which are about 90% neutrons). What you're describing would be the kind ...


You need slow neutrons because if the neutrons are too "quick" then they scatter of the atoms instead of being captured by them. You can imagine a big lump of playdoh and a much smaller ball of playdoh. If you shoot the small ball with high velocity at the big lump then the ball is scattered - like two billiard balls. But when you put them slowly together by ...


It depends on what theory of everything nature follows. There are some theories that predict that protons decay, so if one of the protons decays the particle with disintegrate as one proton and two neutrons are not a stable system.

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