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The amount of energy per cubic metre in a degenerate gas depends on the density and composition of that material. I can only give some examples - any specific mixtures or densities would require individual calculation. The energy density of an ideal, completely degenerate gas of fermions is given by $$u = \frac{\pi m^4 c^5}{h^3} \left[ ...


If Rob Jeffries numbers are right (Here) and it seems as good a baseline as any, you get about 3*10^15th Joules per KG of Neutron Star matter. The Hiroshima bomb was about 6*10^13th Joules, so just 1 KG of degenerate matter, you'd be looking at about 50 Hiroshima bombs released in kinetic energy, in the form of (I think) mostly Neutrons. 1 KG of hydrogen ...

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