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You could try PEBBLES which is freeware AFAIK


Yes, of course this can be done because a suspended object can have larger dimension than the diameter of a string holding it. In fact, the minimum dimension of a suspended object can be many times the diameter of a string suspending it at 1 g. Note that it is this relative size that matters, not the absolute sizes. Since human visual acuity is finite, as ...


Carbon nanotubes, or similarly manmade materials, might be able to accomplish this in the future. The current record is a tensile strength of 63$\times$10$^{9}$ Pa (Pa = pascals = N/m$^{2}$ or force per area). So if we assume a circular cross section, then the area is defined by 4$\pi$r$^{2}$. We can take the tensile strength and the area formula to find ...

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