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I think you have to lean forward and jump hop (like astronauts did). Now if the lean angle is too great then you would slip. The limit is $\tan \theta \le \mu$. Now with a jump of max (leg extension) speed $v$ at an angle $\theta$ from vertical kinematics have that the time per hop is $$ t = \frac{2 v \cos \theta}{g} = \frac{2 v}{g \sqrt{1+\mu^2}}$$ ...


In a "perfect" space suit probably only 4-6 mph!?! In a dome on grass or something mayB 10 even 11 but remember that U would not only B moving horizontally but vertically as well which would slow down even the fastest runners tho U should B able 2 sustain these speeds 4 much longer due 2 the minimal "weight" aspects..:)


Sun is greater 330,000 / 93 mil squared / 1(earth mass) x 250,000 mil sqared = ratio of g sun to g earth towards the moon at new moon. = 2.38 The ratio of sun to earth gravity is 2.38 , so the sun is more influential. However the moon is at a velocity that precludes it from fallimg into the sun. Just as the earth has has a velocity that allows it to ...

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