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Ref. 1 is using the term orientable vortex in a specific situation without offering a general definition. However in the specific situation, Ref. 1 considers two cases: The vortices are labelled with additive quantum number $$n~\in~\mathbb{Z}.$$ ($n=0$ corresponds to no vortex.) Since the sign of $n$ makes physical sense, Ref. 1 calls the vortices ...


The short answer is yes. H-field can have sources and sinks - these are what the "poles" of a bar magnet are. In an LIH medium $B = \mu_0 \mu_r H$. Even though $\nabla \cdot B = 0$ (always), this does not mean that $\nabla \cdot H =0$ because there is an instantaneous change in $\mu_r$ at the boundaries between media. Lines of H-field begin and end on ...


Possibly by using a nonmagnetic sphere as your center and pressing a neodynium cobalt alloy around it sealing the outside sphere shut. I have thought about it for a bit but have no opportunity to attempt such thing.

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