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I agree with Alfred Centauri that there is no configuration of a monopole, but on the second question, depending on how big the surface of the magnetic floor is, the strength of the magnets, and some other conditions I would imagine that it would levitate over the floor. On the third question, I believe that if it were a perfect sphere, the center ball would ...


Or at least "functions" as a monopole? I'm afraid not. A magnet is a magnetic dipole and there is, as far as I know, no configuration of magnetic dipoles that can give a monopole field.


Monopoles: Either north or south pole alone. Dipoles: Both north and south pole in each other's influence The Magnetic field of lines originate from North Pole and end at south pole. Gauss's law of Magnetostatics states that total magnetic flux from a closed surface is zero. That is number of incoming field line equals the number of outgoing lines. I.E. ...

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