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Of course lightning "has a frequency component". If it didn't have non-zero frequencies, it could never start or would last indefinitely. Lightning is a huge current pulse over a short time, usually several pulses over a few milliseconds. But more importantly, the current is started and stopped very abruptly, which by necessity means it has a broad ...


According to wikipedia, average duration of a lightning is $30\,\mu s$. If we take a gaussian current splash with $\sigma=30\,\mu s$, its spectrum will be a gaussian with $\sigma_k\approx33\,\text{kHz}$. This doesn't look like DC.


Lightning takes a largely random path. This is apparent if you watch the process before the strike: Watch the video -- it is amazing. A somewhat less amazing illustration of the process: This is from NOAA, via Wikipedia. These leaders feel out a path between two objects (like the cloud and Earth), sometimes branching, traveling in complex paths. ...

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