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If gravity increases, so does air density and pressure, but also air temperature. Since density decreases with increasing temperature, the increase in density will not be sufficient to fully compensate for the increased weight of the aeroplane. The aeroplane will begin to sink, which in turn will increase its angle of attack. Consequently, it will settle at ...


For this problem we shall strict our calculations to incompressible flow, troposphere in atmosphere and standard ground temperature is independent of gravity. Please note this is not true, modelling that is difficult so this assumption is required to close this problem. This may give error in calculations but we shall get an overall picture. Here we are ...


If gravity changes, then so will the density of air. Air pressure at the surface is proportional to the weight of the column of air above it, so if gravity increases, the pressure would, too. That will in turn affect the lift from an airfoil. NASA says lift varies linearly with density. I suspect the two effects would pretty much balance each other.

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