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As an experimental answer, for 12" latex balloons, I could lift about 5 grams (in addition to the balloon). It of course will depend on how full you fill the balloons.


In the case of hellium the pressure exerted by the rubber is negligible. However, when my mad scientest buddies and I tried using methane, we could only get lift if we used dry cleaning bags which did not compress the gas.


The Kutta condition is completely artificial. The potential equations are completely artificial. The potential equations are a mathematical construct we use because it's much simpler than the full Navier-Stokes set of equations. We know the Kutta condition is never actually upheld in any real flow ever. However, when we perform all of our mathematical ...


I've found in this website an interesting plot. In particular figure 12 shows some polar curves vs weight*: It is possible to note that bigger weights requires more engine power to maintain the altitude for every given fixed speed. Plus we must take into account the extra fuel spent to take an extra bag from ground to 900 km/h at 12 km altitude (that ...


Some numerical values: Althought he didn't explain his calculations, according to Tony Webber, former Qantas Group chief economist the costs of 2 extra kilograms are: These increases represent weight gains of around 0.23 per cent and 0.20 per year for woman and men, respectively. Since 2000, the extra loading that an average adult passenger carries is ...

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