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You can only calculate electric fields or magnetic fields after fixing a reference frame, so no, you can't move P around in that formula. It is assumed in that formula that you are working in a specific frame. The formula is invariant with respect to translating both $\mathbf{r}$ and $P$ by the same displacement, but not with respect to boosting them by the ...


There is no obvious inconsistency, whether we use retarded, advanced, or any other field. If we use only retarded fields, things go as follows. At the time $t=0$, we begin to exert force $\mathbf{F}$ on the charge $q$. It will move with acceleration $\mathbf{F}/m$ for the time interval $R/c$, where $R$ is the radius of the sphere. At the time $t = R/c$, ...


This is the usual argument for explaining retarded time - Consider a charge moving with a constant velocity along a straight line. If the charge suddenly comes to a halt, there will be a change in the electric field due to the acceleration. But this change in the electric field isn't communicated instantaneously through the whole universe, that's ...


The idea is that it takes time for a signal to travel from a source to where it is being observed--so the field here and now doesn't depend on the charge distribution now, it depends on the value that the charge distribution had $t - \frac{\ell}{c}$ ago, since information cannot travel instantaneously.

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