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A tetraquark (and pentaquark) had been previously predicted as extensions of known mesons (and baryons, respectively). There is no reason why they cannot be colour neutral. e.g. in RBG the quarks could be R 255 G 0 B 0 R 0 G 255 B 0 R 0 G 0 B 128 R 0 G 0 B 127


There are three flavours of quarks in the fundamental $3$ representation of $SU(3)$, the QCD gauge group. Their antiparticles are in the conjugate representation $\bar3$ or $3^\star$. QCD is confining; the quarks form bound, colorless states, which are singlets in $SU(3)$. Mesons are $q\bar q$. The general tensor $3\times\bar 3$ can be decomposed into ...

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