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actually, the fire does not conduct electricity, it simple ionises the air around it and the free electrons create a conducting path across the gap


No! In chemistry this is called "Radical Ions". some of the radicals can exist, but it is very hard to find them in the nature because they interact very fast. So the question is how can you understand that a radical exist or not? well you have to know "Physical Chemistry". the Radical that You mentioned can not exist, because of high density of charge ...


The molar conductivity is the conductivity per mole: if you increase the concentration, you increase the number of charge carriers so the conductivity increases. If the number of ions scaled exactly with concentration of electrolyte, the molar conductivity would be constant. However, the conductivity per ion goes down as the ions don't behave as fully ...


An atom can be positively charged as well as negatively charged. The charged form of an atom (or molecule), which has either more or fewer electrons than protons, is called an ion. It cannot be both at the same time, though, and that is because you are viewing positive and negative charge as relative things ("atom A is negatively charged in atom C's view"), ...

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