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Not really. Yes, they do in theory, but the vibrational modes of seismic activity are much slower than those of gravitational waves, so they are fairly easy to clean out. The intricate suspension system that the great mirrors hang in are mainly for more rapid vibrations from e.g. passing trucks running machinery etc.


Yes and no. The measurement systems are isolated from ground vibrations by a complex system of supports, but earthquakes will still affect them. There are passive systems which try and isolate the mirrors and active ones which sense local ground movements and cancel them out. The main defense is the second LIGO in another state which won't feel the same ...


I found that Professor Junghwuen An's Fabry Perot interferometers with a 3rd reflecting surface is not required to emulate a Michelson interferometer's ability to measure the change in position of the self-coherence function first minima. Zero and negative delay is only important when one want to scan the separation between the two primary mirrors and ...


"does the shift directly depend on being above or below resonance?" Phase of reflected light will depend on which side of resonance laser is(check out cavity phase response). "I would have expected you to mix the output signal with the initial laser signal, such that the shift in phase could be determined and hence accounted for." You could in theory do ...

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