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Indeed, the QFT notion of locality is that observables at space-like separation commute, i.e. $$ (x - y)^2 < 0 \implies [\mathcal{O}_1(x),\mathcal{O}_2(y)] = 0 $$ for all local observables $\mathcal{O}_1,\mathcal{O}_2$, which are generically polynomials in the fields and their derivatives. This is our notion of locality because, classically, we know that ...


Virtual particles are not real. They come, as I've said in many answers on this site, from a naive interpretation of Feynman diagrams which should not be taken as an actual, exact description of how the physics works. The actual description of an interaction in the quantum field theory is more complicated than "photons are exchanged". In particular, ...

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