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The website to which you linked doesn't seem to understand the purpose and results of Prof. Schwab's experiment. In fact, it didn't really describe the experiment at all. It just rehashed a lot of quantum mumbo-jumbo to make it look as though some power of "mind" causes quantum effects, rather than the more mundane cause-and-effect of having to use tools ...


We can predict what is more probable to happen. Our mathematical models do not describe the nature exactly. For example, consider angular velocity, defined as $\omega=2\pi/T$, where $T$ is the period. We can only estimate the value of $\omega$ of any rotary system because we don't know the exact value of $\pi$.


I suspect you are looking at the steady state solution of the set of partial differential equations that model heat dynamic heat conduction. The dynamic equations will show that the heat is NOT propagating at an infinite rate. Using the steady state solution to infer dynamic response is not proper.


Heat if you remember from 8th grade science transfers by convection, conduction and radiation. Convection is by the flow of a fluid which cannot go faster than light, conduction is caused by molecules colliding with neighboring molecules, conductive heat equations are only for after a steady flow has been established and do not treat transient effects so can ...

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