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I've seen this question some years ago. Note that the water level doesn't change as the ice melts ONLY if the ice is melting in pure water. If you melt ice cubes in salt water, the water level will increase as the ice melts.


The displacement answers of mew and kal are spot on. This is about the chemistry of the displacement. Water is the only substance with solid density less than the liquid. As you cool a liquid and it settles in and get more dense. As it settles to solid it typically just settles in more. Water is very a interesting molecule in that it is very stable ...


Yes the core will warm gradually. Heat transfer in a solid is conduction. Ice has a known thermal conductivity and will have a linear temperature profile from all paths from surface to center. There will be concentric rings of constant temperature at all times. It would be impossible to warm just the surface and not warm up the molecules next to the ...


In fact ice is slightly less reflective than water. The reflectivity is related to the refractive index (in a rather complicated way) and the refractive index of ice is 1.31 while the refractive index of water is 1.33. The slightly lower refractive index of ice will cause a slightly lower reflectivity. In both cases the reflectivity is about 0.05 i.e. at an ...

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