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Water freezes from the outside in, as the outside is exposed to the coldest temperature. Therefore any impurities as pushed inwards as the water crystallises. These impurities are then compacted in the centre of the ice, making it cloudy as seen in your photo.


It's irreversible. The reason can be easily understood when you look the molecular properties of water The presence of a charge on each of these atoms gives each water molecule a net dipole moment. Electrical attraction between water molecules due to this dipole pulls individual molecules closer together, making it more difficult to separate the ...


If they could not free it from the ice by hacking with saws, ice and ship had become one. An explosive charge would have as high a probability of breaking the ship as of breaking the ice. ( assuming it was a wooden boat). Now there are icebreaking ships to free trapped ships. It is not simple, though brute power is used to break the ice.

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