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Let \begin{align} m_1 = 12\,\mathrm{kg}, \qquad m_2 = 4\,\mathrm{kg}, \qquad m_3 = 8\,\mathrm{kg} \end{align} If you solve this problem symbolically, then you'll find that the tension $T$ applied to mass $m_1$ satisfies \begin{align} T = \left(\frac{8m_1m_2m_3}{m_1m_2+m_1m_3+4m_2m_3}\right)g. \end{align} If you plug in the values given for the various ...


If I understand your code correctly, your total force $F$ is given by an variable throttle force $F_T$ and a drag term whose sign is the same as the sign of the velocity (i.e. the factor (m_speed > 0.0 ? 1.0 : -1.0), which I believe equals $\text{sgn}(v)$. There is a problem, I think, in the velocity dependence of that drag term. You are currently ...

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