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An experimentalist's answer to: What is the difference between the Higgs Boson particle and an electron moving through the Higgs field? Our experiments found a large number of resonances and particles which fitted beautifully into SU(3) representations, separated by their quantum numbers and occupying unique niches in the representations. The ...


First, in order to show the invariance of the term $\bar{\psi}_L \phi \psi_R$, you have to transform respectively: $\psi_L \to e^{-i \alpha^a(x) \frac{\sigma_a}{2} -i \alpha(x) \frac{Y}{2}} \psi_L$ $\psi_R \to e^{-i \alpha(x) \frac{Y}{2}} \psi_R$ $\phi \to e^{-i \alpha^a(x) \frac{\sigma_a}{2} -i \alpha(x) \frac{Y}{2}} \phi$ (a=1,2,3) so that the ...

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