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Question: Does there exist a nontrival non-Legendre transformation T such that the function defined by F(q,p,t)=T[L(q,q˙,t)] contains the full dynamics of the system? Answer: any function that produces the equations of motion under some sort of rules that you state is an allowed function to describe the dynamics. In particular any function that you can ...


I will yet add another formalism: Lets start with the hamiltonian form of Hamilton's Principle. Let $c: \mathbb R \longrightarrow T^*Q; t\mapsto (q(t),p(t))$ be the trajectory of a particle in the phase space of the configuration space $Q$, we define a subset of $Q$, $C$, where no contac occur between the particles, and $\partial C$ is te set of ponts wer ...

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