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If we are talking in a technical context, then we use technical language. It would not be technically correct to say "honeycomb", but if that's not the context then there is nothing wrong with it. Personally I try to be as technical in my language as efficiently possible just to get me in the habit.


Partial answer for the first part of your question: It is written : "As each term commutes with the reflection operator, the full Hamiltonian must commute with the reflection operator, and thus, the eigenstates of H in the symmetry-adapted basis are either symmetric or anti- symmetric about the line defect." "Antisymmetric states have a node at the line ...


Well, when we talk of stability of systems, at least for equilibrium systems, we require the free energy to be bounded below and be convex. As the free energy is obtained by a Legendre transformation (which preserves convexity), the energy functional is required to be convex. This essentially allows us to minimize energies to find ground states. Within the ...

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