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Hadrons contain only virtual gluons, which do not obey the ordinary relationships between energy and wavelength. High energy collisions are required to create real gluons - which do.


They do, just as all quantum objects do. They have momenta, and since they are massless, their frequency/wavelength/energy/momentum relations are the same as for photons. But since you will never detect a free gluon, as they are color-charged and thus confined, this is not a sensible thing to say. Quantum objects are not waves (just as they are not ...


Yes gluons exhibit particle duality. The gluon has no mass, and therefore travels at the speed of light when created and annihilated in their exchange within the nucleons.


A picture is worth a thousand words. Three-jet event. Electronic display of an electron-positron collision in the ALEPH detector at CERN, the European particle physics laboratory near Geneva. The display shows a cross-section of the detector, with the beam tube in the centre (blue) surrounded by various detector components (blue and red). The electron ...

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