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Is there evidence to support that the earth has a molten core? Yes. We have these things called volcanoes: ;)


There is pretty strong evidence falling into groups Seismological As transversal waves do not propagate through liquid. By monitoring the travel times and types of seismic waves globally after earth quakes, one can reconstruct the velocity profile for the different kinds of waves in inner of the earth. Then one can see that the transversal waves are ...


Shear-waves propagate in solids, but not in liquids. Pressure waves propagate in both. Earthquakes generate both kinds and seismographs can be built which are sensitive to the two kinds separately. Both kinds of waves have shadows on the opposite side of the Earth, but the differing size and shapes of those shadows show that the outer core is liquid but the ...


Compare to the energy that the Earth surface receives from the sun, how much power comes from the inner melted core ? Very little. The Earth's surface emits about 503 watts per square meter (398.2 W/m2 as infrared radiation, 86.4 W/m2 as latent heat, and 18.4 W/m2 via conduction/convection), or about 260 petawatts over all of the Earth's surface ...

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