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Is it carried away as momentum imparted on the [product] atom? Is it carried away in neutrinos? Is it carried away as gamma rays? All of these can happen, and in general nuclear reactions will output their energy via a combination of these. The specific combination, of course, depends on the specific reaction. Also, if neutrinos are massless, can ...


You compute the mass loss exactly by doing $E=mc^2$. One kilowatt-hour corresponds to a mass conversion of \begin{align} m &= \frac E{c^2} \\ & = \frac{ \rm 1\,kW\,h }{ \left( \rm 3\times10^8\, m\,s^{-1}\right)^2 } \\ & = \frac{ \rm 1\,kW\,h }{ \left( \rm 3\times10^8\, m\,s^{-1}\right)^2 } \times \left( \frac{\rm 3600\,s}{\rm 1\,h} \right) ...


It sounds as though you're talking about a dense plasma focus (DPF) device. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dense_plasma_focus http://lawrencevilleplasmaphysics.com/fusion-power/dpf-device/

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