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Beryllium Oxide - about 75% the conductivity of Copper Diamond dust More on diamond thermal paste ... and yes, people do sell diamond loaded thermal paste Now, does anyone sell diamond loaded Beryllia paste (ignoring it's toxic properties)?


The best performance (from a theoretical standpoint) would be to use diamond dust as a filler with something like silicone as a binder. In principle you can get about 5 times better thermal performance than you can with silver. Of course, you need the particle size as small as possible, which is harder to do with diamond than with silver (you can't ...


One option: Buy more dehumidifiers, and a space heater. Use the space heater to maintain the lab at the "elevated" temperature when the humidity is low and the dehumidifiers are not running. Another option: Run your dehumidifier when the humidity is high, but run a humidifier when the humidity is low. Meet in the middle. Yet another option: Build a tent ...


It is probably not an answer good enough, but I try. My experiences with a small commercial dehumidifier were great when humidity was 100%. I tested it long term at 60% without big effect. I was trying to decrease humidity with Calcium Chloride type material and ventilator (Silica gel is probably safer but less efficient), it worked better but 10%, I have ...

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