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I'm afraid we've found no real solution to this problem. I think the noise propagates through the support frame, and sound proofing doesn't help very much. I think your best bet is either noise cancelling headphones or remote desktop as much as possible. But neither solution will help other people who may be in the same lab.


1GHz is not NMR but ESR (unless you can find a 22T magnet...). I wouldn't try anything else than water for an NMR demonstrator experiment. It's cheap and the proton density is high. I think they are usually adding a little bit of copper sulfate or so as a quencher, but I didn't look into that. Your main worry is the magnetic field. I would try to generate ...


The car in the picture seems to be projected with the projector in the top (2D projection). A similar 3D static car image could be accomplished with a cylindrical hologram. Any hologram can be illuminated in an appropriate way ("the correct light") to build a real image besides a virtual one. Then, if you put a screen inside it, you are going to see a low ...

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