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I once worked with a laser technician who was a specialist with the high voltage supplies and circuitry for pockels cells, he told me klystrons were used to produce the very short high voltage pulses to drive the cells. Might not be easy to get. Maybe a rotating mirror to sweep a beam quickly past a thin slot?


US patent 7411772: Casimir effect conversion Abstract: Techniques in which a 1.sup.st force, field, or effect caused by a Casimir effect is converted into a 2.sup.nd force, field, or effect. The 1.sup.st force, field, or effect might be distinct from the 2.sup.nd force, field, or effect only in the net vector or might be distinct in other ways. For ...


Experimental Applications Take the LHC. We need to calculate what the various probabilities are regarding which particles are going to emerge from the collisions, for how long will they exist and in what way will some decay into stable particles such as electrons and the lowest mass quarks. Without QFT we could not calculate the probabilites of these ...


Depending on wavelength, just with an aperture diffraction will kick in few cm after the aperture, and you'll get rings opening up with further propagation. For some applications that could be ok, especially if you use the beam right after the aperture. Practically, the way I would change the beam shape from elliptical 2x4mm to circular 1.5mm is putting in ...

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