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I humbly submit that aside from any evaporative benefits, a simple lawn sprinkler on the roof would help prevent ignition from floating embers from burning trees. I'd think that these embers could float for great distances and readily ignite tinder dry grasses, foliage, house siding or roofing material, way before combustibility from heat alone.


What you have built is an Evaporative Cooler. They work by evaporating water. This requires energy, which is extracted from the air, thus reducing its temperature. Unlike air conditioners they do not require an outside radiator, and they do make the air more humid, whereas ACs make it drier. These coolers are commercially available, so don't try to patent ...


To take an extreme case, suppose your hand dryer is located in a room without climate control, such as in an isolated restroom in the middle of a park. Occasionally the temperature in the room will fall to the dew point. In that case a room-temperature hand dryer would blow saturated air and have zero drying effect. However, warming the air brings it above ...


Fact: By increasing the air's temperature, one also increases the amount of water vapor it can hold before saturating. Speculation: Therefore, the osmotic pressure on water molecules in your hair increases and the water vaporizes more quickly than with room temperature air.


1: If you have the real estate available, then it is more efficient to have large, shallow ponds. This way you maximize the surface area that is irradiated by the sun. Thus, more heat is transferred to the water. 2: The pond layout you describe seems complex and it would definitely require some level of control. The simplest way is simply to fill the ponds ...


The stew loses heat mostly by two mechanisms: evaporation, and conduction to the environment (which probably means convection - air flowing past the pot). Radiative heat losses are very small for objects below 100 C. When the air is completely still, vapor will build up above the surface of the stew and this will slow the rate of evaporation (even more so ...

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