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Answer to the main question: It is a well regarded fact that the terminology unified electroweak interaction is a bit of an abuse of terminology. What the term means is that both Quantum Field Theories, the Hypercharge ($U(1)_Y$) and Weak ($SU(2)_L$), are unified in a common framework, which predicts the low energy electromagnetism ($U(1)_{em}$) through the ...


For anyone interested, I found a good document with all Feynman rules and different notations: http://arxiv.org/abs/1209.6213


First of all, the oblique parameters S,T and U are defined to be zero within the Standard Model (SM). This means, that the SM is a reference and therefore, these parameters are indications for physics beyond the Standard Model (BSM). They account for corrections in the vacuum polarizations of the EW gauge bosons and are chosen in a way, that different BSM ...

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