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The binomial expansion says that $(1+x)^n=1+{n \choose 1}x^1+{n \choose 2}x^2 + ...$. This should be familiar to you for positive, integer n just by expanding out the parenthesis. For NEGATIVE n, it still holds, provided you interpret ${n \choose k}$ correctly for negative numbers; for our purposes, we just need to know ${n\choose 1}=n$ always. For very ...


The expression for the total potential energy stored in the fields is given by $$ \frac{\epsilon_0}{2} \int \left| \mathbf{E}_1 + \mathbf{E}_2 \right|^2 d\tau = \frac{\epsilon_0}{2}\left( \int \left| \mathbf{E}_1 \right|^2 d\tau + \int \left| \mathbf{E}_2 \right|^2 d\tau + 2 \int \mathbf{E}_1 \cdot \mathbf{E}_2 d\tau \right) $$ Notice that the first and ...

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