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Even in a 'DC' circuit, diodes can be useful for, e.g., current steering. Consider a rudimentary battery backup system: When the primary 14V supply is present, the LED is on while D2 and R2 prevent the battery from charging at too high a current. When the primary 14V supply isn't present, D1 'disconnects' the LED and regulator IC from the battery while ...


i know that a diode allows electron flow in a single direction.But doesn't this happen in a circuit even without a diode (for dc source). then why do we need a diode. A diode has the miraculous property of allowing the current to flow only in a single direction even if an AC source is used.


In radar, chirp (LFM - linear frequency modulation) is used to stretch the pulse so that the received energy is large enough for detection while having a large coherent bandwidth commensurate with the desired range resolution. There are two ways of detection, the so-called "stretch processing" that is just a correlation receiver using a homodyne mixer, the ...

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