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try to use LTM method to measure ohmic contact between metal and semiconductor?


In a homojunction the barrier potential depends on the difference in Fermi levels been the n and p sides. If different materials are used (heterojunction) then there is an additional potential from intrinsic difference in electron affinity.


Just in case somebody else is asking himself the same question: The sum has to performed over all 8 bands, so including the spin. And for the second question, yes, the coefficients is what you get as the eigenvector.


How atomic orbitals merge into crystal band structure is, well, complicated to capture in simple models. As seen in, say, Ashcroft and Mermin (chapter 28), the energy surfaces for Si have symmetry along the <100> directions. In contrast, the surface for Ge have symmetry along the <111> directions, with the band minimum at the zone edge. A comparison ...

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