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If you want to include "all real world effects" in your analysis, you need to make sure you include all effects. At the very least, include parasitics. And include the fact that your "real world voltage source" has finite impedance, output capacitance, inductance in the leads, ... So when you state Say it starts of at a voltage V when you connect it to ...


One finds a full explanation of this formula and much more about the connection between random walks and electric networks in the little gem Random walks and electric networks by Peter G. Doyle and J. Laurie Snell, freely available.


The practical answer to what you are proposing, is that it would not act as a diode. This is primarily due to contact surface area contamination and irregularity. However, if you can make the contact surface area clean, perfectly flat, and heat up the parts to an appropriate temperature (all done in a vacuum), then it might be possible. Keep in mind that ...


" i.e how does having applied a unit current and removed the same current between the points on which one wants to determine the effective resistance between, imply that the currents at the other nodes are zero." It doesn't. It implies that the net current at each of the other nodes is zero. In your example, node D, for instance, will have considerable ...

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