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There is subtle point I would like to make; for the transmitter to send $200\cos(1000\pi t)$, the transmitter would need to exist for all time. If the transmission starts at $t = 0$ and ends at $t = t_f$, the ideal transmitter would transmit $$200\cos(1000\pi t)\left[u(t) - u(t - t_f)\right]$$ where $u(t)$ is the unit step function. However, this is ...


In DC, the split ring commutator is what allows the current in the loop (i.e. the bit inside the magnetic field) to change direction every half turn, so that the force acting on the loop always acts to turn it in the same direction. The current is direct in DC regardless of the split ring commutator. The AC motor has alternating current, but I'm not sure ...

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