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Distinguishability is a quantum concept, not a simple matter of who can visually discriminate between the objects. Take two identical dice (which is to say, same color, same size and markings) and roll them. The numerical outcomes follow the distribution defined by distinguishability. This has nothing to do with a person's ability to tell the dice apart. ...


I would get Wald. That's the standard text for the field. It has a small number of problems, but they're very good. I would recommend downloading homework problems from other schools, for example MIT opencourseware. It seems to be the trend that for GR the most popular textbooks are not problem-heavy. One neat book that is dedicated to problems is the ...


The "Problem book in relativity and gravitation" is free online here -- legally, from the authors. It's got a pretty broad variety of questions, along with solutions. It is a little on the old side, but many of the problems are just as relevant today. But I don't think there's much that can compare to MTW.

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