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Here is a very "quick and dirty" way to get the result, too long for a comment so I'll post it as an answer: Although condensation is essentially a quantum phenomena, for many purposes it is sufficient to think at the classical level, e.g. Meissner effect. The Maxwell electrodynamics with both electric and magnetic charges famously has a $S$-duality ...


The AdS/CFT correspondence (or this particular, most famous example of it) is the equivalence between the non-gravitational ${\mathcal N}=4$ supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory on one side ("the boundary CFT"); and the type IIB superstring theory in $AdS_5\times S^5$ ("the bulk theory") on the other side. The equivalence is exact and the gauge theory is ...


See this wikipedia article. It is probable the "S" stands for Spanier as in Edwin Spanier.

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