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The trouble is that your table, or whatever object it is, will act as a waveguide. That's because the sound waves will (partially) reflect of the wood/air surface then travel back into the table and interfere with other waves. The result is going to be hideously complicated to calculate. As LuboŇ° says in a comment, if the thickness of the table is much less ...


Tungsten has been known to bait gold bars (historically). There are a few methods we use to determine if something in front of use is gold or if it is alloyed, or if its plate, fill or scrap. You can cut the bar in half...You will then know immediately of you got bunk gold. You can do a specific gravity check of your gold. There are scales designed for ...


You have to put net force to zero. I think that the problem is that you use the same volume for the two formulas. In one you have the entire volume, in the other only the volume in the water.

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