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The webpage you were looking at is run by H. D. Zeh. So if you want to find out what he's talking about the best way to find out is to look up some of his papers, such as: http://arxiv.org/abs/1012.4708. He describes decoherence in quantum gravity in Section 5 of the paper. The basic answer is as follows. The Wheeler-DeWitt equation is time-independent in ...


To "see another World" would require doing a measurement that involves (partially) reversing the effect that led to the split. In practice this is impossible to realize because the observer is a macroscopic object itself and it will decohere very fast. Decoherence means that the system becomes correlated with the environment and that poses a big problem ...


If you are looking for intuition about the subject, read Dirac's Principles of Quantum Mechanics. You need to read §2, §3 and the beginning of §10 until you see fit.


The quantum evolution in open systems is non-unitary, and is effectively described, usually, by the Lindblad master equation. It provides a good description for e.g. modeling cavity loss in a system of atoms interacting with radiation (see this paper).

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