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The answers can be found on the Documentation page: HDU 1 (extname COADD): Coadded Spectrum from spPlate Binary table with columns: Required Columns Name Type Comment flux float32 coadded calibrated flux [10-17 ergs/s/cm2/Å] loglam float32 log10(wavelength [Å]) ivar float32 inverse variance of flux ...


Online data analysis is cursory analysis done as the data is collected. It is often used for the purpose of selecting which events to save to disk or tape to be analyzed later (an event "filter"). Given that the current CERN experiments will be taking, in the next run, data at rates exceeding a terabyte per second, this notion is essential. In fact, the ...


To me, using the distance to measure 2 dimensional data is dubious, especially if the events are near to the reconstructed position (supposed 0 distance). Say if the events form a circle (the circle is perfect gaussian). The distribution will not be anymore gaussian since the blue area (in the drawing) will be lesser than the yellow:


As explained in the comments, for a given MC event, the errors $\delta x$ and $\delta y$ for the two reconstruction methods A1 and A2 are uncorrelated. Therefore, no extra information is gained by using both reconstructions. We should just use the better one. Now, what does "better" mean. As stated in the OP, for both reconstructions, the distributions of $\...

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