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Let me begin with your naive estimation of the significance. Sixteen ($o=16$) events are observed over an expected background of $b=4.2\pm1.6$. I presume that you have calculated that $$ \frac{o - b}{\delta b} \simeq 7.4, $$ concluding that the excess has a significance of $7.4\sigma$. There are a two main mistakes in this interpretation of the data and ...


I would have thought your graph should be plotted with the axes the other way round, because the length of skid mark is the dependent variable. If you do this you should have some kind of parabola (in theory!), which if you take thinking/reaction time ($T$) into account will have a form something like $$S=vT+kv^2$$ where $k$ is some constant. I don't think ...

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