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If I were in your position I would be interested in doing some experimental work on Axion detection Specifically, and tying in with the University of Leicester results, repeating the experiments mentioned in wiki with high energy photons eg X rays


The big ticker is that no one really knows if evaporation of black holes will create stable planck-scale remnants, so the building blocks of holeum might not even exist. So until we've seen some black holes decay, and observed stable Planck-scale black holes formed, the hypothesis, though elegant, probably won't gain much traction.


Clumps of just anti-matter will have the same gravity field around them as clumps of matter. There was an experiment at either Fermilab or SLAC in the 1970s or early 1980s where the falling of a beam of anti-protons was measured. I was trying to look up details on this a couple years ago, and didn't find it. But I know I read about it long ago. Bottom ...


So what about antimatter - since charges are opposite, perhaps it also clumps together to form anti-gravity superpositions. As Red Act says in a comment, gravity is too weak to be important on the scale of individual particles. However charge does group antiparticles together. For example an anti-proton and a positron will form an antihydrogen atom. In ...

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