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the simplest models for expanding universe (see frw metric) don't have any curvature term for 3 space, as constructed from experimental data. however using black holes to model systems do result in inserting curvature terms for 3 space, and as a result we can't use them to model expanding universe.


An object becoming a black hole does not affect its gravitation strength. If the sun became a black hole, orbits would be the same.


The reason dark energy, and matter does not become diluted is because it is a "data backup" of all the possibilities that did not manifest into "known matter" AS more and more decisions are made (split universes) a larger probability tree grows which leads invariably to having (to) store more information in the backup. This effect is what we term "gravity" ...


The answer is no. Dark energy does not exert a force between objects, but causes space to expand. Objects floating in space are carried along, but remain still in space. That means that if you place two objects in a universe with dark energy, sufficiently far apart that their mutual graviational attraction can be neglected, the speed with which they recede ...


No. It is perfectly possible to have a flat universe that expands forever and is accelerating. Dark energy is what makes this possible. Whilst the curvature of the universe is defined by the sum of all the energy densities in it, the effects of matter (baryonic or dark) and dark energy are quite different on its dynamics. It is in fact quite possible to ...


Dark energy is a concept devised to help explain the expansion of the universe. It is presumed to comprise about 68% of the universe (on a mass-equivalence basis), but it is spread so uniformly throughout the universe that its density is on the order of only 10 to the minus 27 kilogram per cubic meter. Dark energy is not presumed to clump in matter, but ...


As a commenter noted, dark energy, whatever it turns out to be, is not thought of as a property of any known object. From the Wikipedia article "Dark energy": In physical cosmology and astronomy, dark energy is an unknown form of energy which is thought by some physicists to permeate all of space, tending to accelerate the expansion of the universe. ...

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