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Two basic misunderstandings here: 1) under time reversal the velocity changes sign but not the acceleration or the force, which remains attractive, and 2) symmetry of the laws does not imply that a particular situation is symmetrical, only that the transformed situation (which may be different) is also a valid solution of the laws. Which it is - there is no ...


There is one simple, obvious, and almost certainly correct theoretical explanation: two-sigma effects show up all the time and, like most of them, this one is not real.


CPT is a general theorem of quantum field theories: Specifically, the CPT theorem states that any Lorentz invariant local quantum field theory with a Hermitian Hamiltonian must have CPT symmetry. Questioning CPT invariance is questioning the foundations of modern physics theory, which is probably the reason you cannot find anything on this. The label "...


The article you are quoting is asking for a test of Charge conjugation, Parity transformation and Time reversal (CPT) invariance at high energies at the LHC and presumes that violations of this will be the signal for the sought for black holes of large extra dimensions. This violation is argued on the lines I am arguing against, below, and certainly is ...

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