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About CPT-conservation. If you talk about graviton then you talk about linearized GR. There is theory which tells us that all irreducible representations $\left(\frac{n}{2}, \frac{m}{2} \right) \oplus \left( \frac{m}{2}, \frac{n}{2}\right)$ of the Lorentz group is invariant under $C, P, T$ transformations. The theory of graviton (it may be defined without ...


In classical mechanics, it is often possible and convenient to describe a system with an object called a Lagrangian (in that it governs a system's behaviour, the Lagrangian is similar to a Hamiltonian). Like the Hamiltonian, the Lagrangian ought to be real - and any terms inside the Lagrangian ought to be Hermitian. In quantum field theory (QFT), the ...

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